Russian River Zendo SANGHA

Darlene and Tony regard Sangha as perhaps the only group in any individualís life where we can be mirrored with safety and support each otherís wholehearted practice.  As human beings, we are extremely permeable and sensitive to the presence of other beings close by. The activities at Russian River Zendo reflect its teachersí disposition toward this particular kind of intimacy: sitting, working, cooking, walking and studying side by side, body to body.


Gabes Rock House
14050 Gabes Rock Rd

RRZ Members on a Saturday Morning
Some members of the Russian River Zendo
 Sangha on a Saturday Morning

Russian River Zendo Winter Wedding
A Winter Wedding at RRZ

Lunchtime at a practice day  

(sitting, studying, cooking, lunching in a small group)
at RRZ

Darlene practices calligraphy for rakusus
in preparation for lay initiation ceremony.

Ann and Jeannie at work on Jizos
for peace project

Some members of RRZ display
their Jizo flags.


Senior Dharma Teacher Zenkei Blanche Hartman
supervises an okesa & rakusu sewing class at RRZ.

Darlene and Marvin
Darlene and good friend, Marvin Mercer.